FAQs: 6 Popular Questions/Answers about Moving Homes!

You are getting ready for a move from Delhi next month. With roughly 25-27 days left, you are doing all that you can to validate that the journey turns out flawless. In the same concern, you even spoke to the packers and movers in Delhi and they have provided you with a tentative date for the survey. Meanwhile, you are researching and visiting websites of moving companies, collecting facts and details about packing and moving, and reading FAQs.
Well, if that has brought you here, read through this post:

1. How can I book myself a professional mover?

Unless you have moved several times in the past, you would not know exactly how you should get going with your move plan. So, start with detailed research where you read all the specifications, services, and other important information given out on the company website like the overview of the company, the company’s history, etc. Do not forget to check out the rates so you can figure out which moving option to go for, what to look out for in a company, and what things to discuss and deliberate upon when talking to the movers.

But remember, finding a suitable moving company is going to be a task in itself. So, start as early as you can and give it all the time and thought to it, and use calculators to compare and shortlist a budget-friendly moving deal.

2. What documents should I prepare for the move?

Moving requires you to have a lot of documents and credentials in place. So, once you have booked yourself a suitable mover and you have gone through the agreement papers, make sure you fulfill the documentation needs and arrange the following ones in place:

• Bank statements and papers • Birth and marriage certificates • School and college certificates • House papers, legal documents • Insurance, license, and other papers. • Car papers and other registration papers. • Healthcare documents and prescriptions. 3. List the tasks one should do when one week away from the moving day.

The answer to this question would vary as per the different individuals and their moving requirements. If you are someone who believes in closing all the priority tasks early on in the moving plan, you may have already worked out this set of to-do activities, but in case you have not, then some of the major tasks that you can fulfill when you are about one week to 10 days away from your move date include:

Tasks to Close:

• Applying for address change • Gathering important papers • Settling utility payments to date • Making the needful purchases • Withdrawing cash and keeping cards ready

Things to Pack:

• A bag/box of toiletries • A folder of documents • The box of food supplies • A suitcase of travel clothing • A separate bag for kids’ essentials

4. What all things should one recall when on the last day of the move?

If you are talking about the last day ahead of your move scheduled the next day, you will have to be watchful of your schedule. You will anyway be a lot drained after you have worked on your packing chores until the final moving day but do not strain beyond a limit. The professionals are there to assist you in the process, so let them also share the responsibility and you take a back seat in the preparation process. Some of the things you can take care of are:

• Do a detailed walkthrough of the entire household while the movers are loading the moving cartons onto the moving truck.

• Meanwhile, say goodbye to the neighbors, greet them and if you have planned a housewarming party where you want to call them over, remind them of the same.

• Keep the keys and locks in a secure place once you have locked yourself out of the house with your family.

• Look over the truck loading process and see if the movers are packing the things sequentially and make sure you do not send off your boxes of essentials and utility stuff with them in a rush. Match everything to that of your inventory and know when the prospective date of shipment delivery would be so you can plan the rest accordingly. 5. Describe the right way to pack the house for a move.

There is not a single way or methodology of packing household items for the move. You can pack your household room wise or you can simply focus on the most complicated sections of the house like the storeroom, the garage, the pantry section, etc. Or if you want to, you can pack just instinctively – like, just the way you want – in whichever way you want. So, decide upon that and get started with it. Do not drag any task unnecessarily, if you are not comfortable packing things, let the movers quickly wrap up the packing chores. To ensure everything works out well and seamlessly, have a packing plan put together in place – so you can focus on all your packing chores and work them out meticulously.

6. Mention some advice that should be followed during the move.

There is not just one or two but a bunch of them that should be followed when you are relocating. Most of them are about packing techniques while some of them are about how one can make the most of a move by simply minding a few tips and tactics. For instance:

• Avoid making the moving boxes heavy • Always dismantle complex items, then pack • Pack clothing items with care and methodology • Use house items like clothes for packing • Protect the protruding corners of items before packing • Prepare the boxes and secure their bases before putting things in it • Have special boxes for special belongings • Keep the “do’s” and “don’ts” in mind before packing

We hope you will find this question/answer blog post useful and would refer to it to prepare for your forthcoming move a lot more confidently. The movers and packers in Delhi would take care of the rest, so just let go of your hassle and have a good time!

7 Mistakes to Avoidwhile De-cluttering Home Space

Downsizing an entire house might seem an easy task but it is one of the most tedious works to perform as it includes number of exhausting jobs. You may feel that your de-cluttering efforts are not producing any worthy outcomes and still have tons of stuff to discard from your house. You can easily list down some common errors that may perform during the downsizing process and stop you from achieving the final goal of a clutter-free home. If you are able to avoid these mistakes, you can surely improve your house without any hassle. Take a look at the below list of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid during de-cluttering your home.
You must have several goods at your home that you use seldom and don’t want to just throw away. So, an effective solution for your worry is a self storage service in India, now you can store your possession in self-storage units and access them any time you want.

Here we are sharing some common mistakes that you may face while de-cluttering home space.

• Start without any preparations: In every work, proper planning and preparation is the most essential factor without which, you will end up with a mess and confusion. You should set a deadline for each particular area or room before starting the downsizing process. It will help you to complete the task in the designated time frame. You should break each room into small sections, so you could start or stop any time you are interrupted during the process. It is better to start with a smaller area to get momentum in the procedure and then, move on to the tougher areas of the house.

• De-cluttering different sections at the same time: You can get the sudden motivation to minimalize your house but in today’s busy schedules, peoples are only available on weekends and try to do it all at once. Some of you might succeed in this but for some of us, it can become a disaster. Hence, it is crucial to hold a single area at a time for picking up unwanted goods to avoid confusion. You all should understand that de-cluttering takes time and it is better to focus on small tasks that can easily be managed.

• Get distracted: Downsizing an entire home needs enough focus to complete it correctly and within a pre-defined time frame. But, people get distracted during the process and end up messing up the whole progression due to which, you can lose your concentration, time as well as energy. You need to remember that the more you are single-minded the sooner you can complete your work. So, if you get something into your mind that belongs to other areas, keep them aside and focus on the current cluttering segment.

• Rushing the de-cluttering process: As discussed earlier, minimalizing a whole house is a time consuming, and rushing the process is the most common mistake people make. Concluding it at once can be tempting but it also comes with lots of pain and unfinished jobs. Moreover, it is an unrealistic thing to do at once, people still do it and waste their all efforts. Remember to slow it down to successfully reach your goal or else it can ruin your all plans and expectations. Consequently, make flexible plans as per the time you have in the entire day for the process to be complete it realistically.

• Throw away without thinking: De-cluttering is not a task that can be done without thinking as it requires lots of pre-scheduling to make it happen in a proper way. It might be an easy task to start with but it is a very difficult to put an end to it wisely. People just pick and throw the belongings that they do not use frequently. For instance, if you are downsizing your wardrobe, make a list of all the items that belong to that area and invest some time in thinking about their uses. You will find suitable goods to keep with you and items you want to remove from the list.

• Starting organizing before de-cluttering properly: Recreating your home beautifully and efficiently is everyone’s dream but, it should not be done before downsizing your house properly. People start organizing the place before putting a full stop to the de-cluttering process and take them nowhere as there are still cluttered items all around the house. So, make sure to complete the current process first and then, start organizing your exquisite home by buying cute baskets, flower pots, bins, statues, and other things to spruce up your home.

• Do not let things away: You must have sentimental feelings toward the things you are holding for many years and letting them can be difficult. If you are not able to let go of things you don’t use, it will only occupy your home space and make it more jumbled. You should be rude during picking the unwanted items and removing them from your shelves.

Let do one thing clear is that de-cluttering is not just removing un-required items but it is also creeping back into the home. It is crucial to vigilant about the items you are bringing into your house to keep the clutter in control.

Creating better habits of purchasing goods is the best way to accomplish this. You should not purchase unnecessary things or else you will surely face the same situation again and again. Also, add a weekly cleaning routine to your schedule to ease your cluttering process.